Wood-Stone Flooring Technology, LLC

...Experts in all aspects of Flooring Products, Health & Safety, Radiation Standards

Our Company:

WSFT Professionals have over 50 years of Safe & Profitable experience in the highly complex environment of working with IRRADIATION, volatile CHEMICALS and PEOPLE involved in flooring manufacturing. Not only have we written the procedures and taught the regulations but we have led the TEAM to work safely and profitably in these difficult environments.

The ever increasing web of State and Federal regulations makes it very difficult for the small business to stay in compliance. The Government solution is to hire a full time person to do this work. A small organization can’t cost justify the hiring of a qualified individual to perform the necessary functions.

WSFT offers you a better solution! Experienced professionals that will assist your TEAM in the development and operation of a Safe and Profitable work place. We are just an e-mail away.

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